braintrust Snyder ReitMulder
Committee Members work behind the scenes at the October 2013 Conference
Frank Snyder was the Emcee for the October 2013 Conference
Joe Rietmulder did a great job with Safety Jeopardy in October 2013
Shelby Rhoads Weiant
Lee Shelby, a Keynote Speaker in October 2013 shown here with Frank Snyder and Paula Loht
Doug Dvorchak and Phil Rhoads, both served as Chairman of the GOSH Committee
Scott Weiant (right), our Department of Labor Representative on the Committee, enjoys some networking time (October 2013)
SJ SJ2 Sant
Joe Rietmulder (left) presided over the very poplular Safety Jeopardy Workshop (October 2013)
The Safety Jeopardy sessions were packed all day in October 2013
Mr. Brad Sant spoke on Safety in Roadway Work Zones in October 2013