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Secrets of Empowered Employers:  Injury & Illness Management
About the Presentation

For more than 20 years, THE WORKFORCE has successfully partnered with employers to create effective strategies that result in successful outcomes related to occupational health and injury issues.  This presentation will unveil the most effective tactics employers can use to minimize occupational risks, to maneuver through the injury management process and to resolve claims.  These tactics reflect years of collaboration that have ultimately resulted in employers empowered with effective injury and illness management tools. 

Toni S. Roberts, Executive Director, THE WORKFORCE
Presenter Biography

Toni S. Roberts, B.S.W., M.Ed. is the founder of THE WORKFORCE which was established in 1995 and currently serves as it's Executive Director. Her prior experience in occupational health led her to the realization employers can have a positive impact on job site safety and on the outcome of claims once employers empower themselves with effective tools.  THE WORKFORCE continues to partner with employers to collaboratively develop strategic tools to successfully address the multifaceted health and injury issues facing employers today.