Presentation Title
Safe Patient Handling in Healthcare
About the Presentation
This presentation will provide information for health care workers and other care givers on safe lifting and handling procedures for patients. After completing this program attendees will be able to:
    • Be aware of the risks of injury due to patient handling
    • Understand what musculoskeletal (MSD’s) injuries are including their signs and symptoms
    • Identify important principles of body mechanics and ergonomics
    • Identify ergonomic risk factors
    • Identify when and why patient lifting devices should be used
    • Understand proper methods for lifting/assisting patients
    • Identify factors to consider when determining the type of safe lifting method to use (manual/team/mechanical)
    • Identify exercises that can be done to stretch and strengthen muscles commonly used for lifting.



Stephen J. Pakosh, Health and Safety Training Specialist, Bureau of Worker's Compensation  

As  a Training Specialist for the Health and Safety Division  of the Bureau of Worker’s Compensation, Stephen (Steve) Pakosh is responsible for developing and conducting a wide and varied range  of educational safety related courses to the general public and various members of the Pennsylvania Workers’ Comp regulated community. Steve has over thirty-eight years experience as a safety, health, environmental, and training professional.  During his career he has worked for the health care, manufacturing, insurance, and service industries, as well as having been a contracted safety and health professional for the Federal Government.  In addition, Steve has over forty years experience as both a career and volunteer fire fighter, including many years as a Training Officer.  Steve has an Advanced Safety Certificate from the National Safety Council, is an instructor for the National Safety Council’s four hour Defensive Driving Course, and is currently the Past President of the Lancaster County Industrial Safety Council.