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This presentation will provide an understanding of the regulatory requirements as well as safe procedures to avoid injuries and incidents when working with devices that can generate hazardous energy. After viewing this program students will be able to:

    • Understand the purpose of the LOTO standard
    • Understand how the lack or improper methods of LOTO can lead to amputations
    • Understand when it is necessary to apply LOTO
    • Identify when exceptions to LOTO apply
    • Identify the types of authorized LOTO devices
    • Identify when documented LOTO procedures are necessary for machines
    • Understand the difference between authorized and affected employees
    • Identify correct procedures for individual and group LOTO
    • Understand when tags are able to be used and their requirements
    • Identify the type of employee training necessary
    • Understand contractor involvement within LOTO


Stephen C. Lane, Health and Safety Training Specialist, Bureau of Worker's Compensation
Presenter Biography

As  a Training Specialist for the Health and Safety Division  of the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, Stephen (Steve) Lane is responsible for developing and conducting a wide and varied range  of educational safety related courses to the general public and various members of the Pennsylvania Workers’ Comp regulated community. He holds the National Safety Council’s Advanced Safety Certificate and is involved with interagency and statewide health and safety initiatives including the Governor’s Award for Safety Excellence.

Steve has over 40 years in the training spectrum both military and civilian. In addition to being a college educator he has provided training and special programs in safety, health, environmental and emergency response/safety to the emergency services, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, municipalities, the nuclear power industry and emergency management. Steve has been a PA state certified fire instructor for 32 years and authored the “Emergency Vehicle Operators Manual” for an insurance company which is used nationally, and is also an instructor for the National Safety Council’s 4-hour Defensive Driving Course. In addition, Steve has also lectured nationally on specialty topics related to safety.