The 4 Components of Foundational Health:

Exercise, Nutrition, Sleep and Relaxation, and Happiness – Balance these and you have maximized your health for life!


A Healthier lifestyle is having a life free of illness, Disease, chronic inflammation, pain, and a Healthy Body weight.  In this Nutrition workshop, you will learn about The 4 components of Foundational Health - Exercise, Nutrition, Sleep & Relaxation and Happiness. We need all four of these to have complete health! Health is an amazing thing but unfortunately there is not just one thing that encompasses complete health. Only a balanced approach will lead to a foundation of great health, a lean body, zest for life and longevity. 


Presented by:

Dianna Carmichael-Wright, Owner, Wellness On-Site, LLC

Dianna Carmichael - Wright Fitness and Wellness Expert for 30 years.  Dianna’s expertise comes from over 30 years of experience in fitness program development, restorative and corrective fitness, Nutrition for a Healthy Lifestyle, coupled with a wealth of entrepreneurial knowledge gathered through the multiple fitness facilities she’s managed, owned and Operated.  She’s a Master Trainer for Mainline Health, International Sports Conditioning Association, American Red Cross First Aid, CPR Trainer.  Her roots stem from teaching group fitness, personal training and corporate Health and Wellness programs.  Dianna has competed and placed in the National Aerobic Competition in the 90’s.  Dianna has dedicated the last 30 years to inspiring and empowering people to believe in themselves. Dianna believes to achieve this you need three things: Emotional (The Mindset), Spiritual (The Motivation), and Physical (The Movement).