Addressing Medical Marijuana and Overcoming Common Barriers to Ensure the Success of Your Drug Free Workplace Program


Even when employers have taken care to create a comprehensive Drug Free Workplace Program, supervisors and employees often encounter obstacles when it comes to program implementation. With the current cultural trends surrounding medical marijuana, opioids, and other substance use in the workplace, is your workforce fully equipped with the tools and techniques they need to successfully execute a drug free workplace? This presentation will address the five most common barriers facing supervisors and employees and discuss strategies and best practices for overcoming them. Additionally, it will discuss the rights of employees who are medical marijuana card holders, as well as what every employer needs to know about PA Medical Marijuana Act 16.  This in-depth look at medical marijuana in the workplace and the common barriers facing Drug Free Workplace Programs will provide attendees with practical ideas, tools, and strategies for empowering supervisors and engaging employees to maximize the success of your program. 



Presented by:

Kathy Strain, Community Engagement and Education Manager, Drug Free Workplace PA

Through personal tragedy, Kathy became an avid substance use disorder advocate and educator at both the state and federal levels. Kathy serves as a parent coach for the national organization Partnership for Drug-Free Kids. Kathy is involved with many grassroots organizations with a focus on Substance Use Disorder including the Southeastern PA chapter of Not One More and is an Administrator for the PA chapter of The Addict’s Mom and its subchapter Pregnant Daughters and Substance Use Disorder. Kathy serves on the Education Committee of the Berks County Opioid Coalition and is a member of CPA and the PA Stop Campaign. She has an Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies with a background in healthcare and DOT safety and compliance. She is currently pursuing her BA in Psychology with an emphasis in addiction and has completed the coursework to become a Certified Family Recovery Specialist. Kathy is also a Certified Naloxone Trainer.

Presented by:

Gina Riordan, Program Supervisor, Drug Free Workplace PA

Gina Riordan is a family advocate and educator dedicated to increasing awareness and promoting programs to advance prevention and recovery from substance use and addiction disorders.  She has served at the state level on the Parent Panel Advisory Council and HR-590 Access to Treatment Task Force.  Locally she is the founder and Chair of the Mechanicsburg Community Drug & Alcohol Council.
Gina has over 25 years of corporate and non-profit senior management, business development and marketing expertise with national and state industries ranging from information management, litigation support, franchisee and manufacturers, to the medical and association management market.
As a mother of five, when her family was impacted by substance use disorder Gina was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to turn for help or who to talk to; no one wanted to share their challenges.  Her family’s journey through recovery has compelled her to get involved at the state level to make a difference in policies and programs, and inform families in her community about substance education, resources and available support.  As a full-time family and workplace educator, Gina is passionate about empowering communities across the state to make a commitment to educate themselves and stand firm on taking an active role in their loved one’s journey.