It’s not if, it’s when – Tips and Tricks to Working with the Media when Your Crisis "hits the fan"


Communicating during a crisis offers opportunities for safety officers to strengthen corporate reputation and media relationships.  During this session, audience members will learn how to prepare for conversations with the media, what the media is expecting during a crisis and how to address and speak with the media during a crisis.  The guidelines shared are applicable to a variety of communications situations.



Presented by:

Chris Martin, President, Atlas Marketing

As founder and president of Atlas Marketing, a small agency with big experience, Chris is responsible for setting its path. His vision guides the agency from talent acquisition to services and client strategy. His approach is simple, and he lives by a few golden rules – push yourself to be the best, collaboration is key and always say thank you.

Since starting the company in 2008, Atlas has grown to include two offices where he manages a culture at Atlas that is collaborative, stimulating and effective. Chris also encourages his team to experiment with new ideas and challenge the status quo, which ensures the Atlas culture will thrive.

Throughout a career spanning over 25 years, Chris has partnered with clients in need of strategic marketing direction and crisis communications counsel in the aerospace, automotive, biotech, construction, food manufacturing, healthcare, industrial and manufacturing industries. He has won numerous awards, served on various regional and local community boards and coached middle and high school basketball for years.