Fall Protection: What You Don’t Know – Or What You Think You Know – Can Kill You


Fall protection is a complex topic and the statistics from the BLS do not show the number of fatalities decreasing.  This presentation will focus on key actions you should take back to your organization to better manage your program and equipment.  While we hope that falls from heights are not a regularly occurrence for your organization, the exposure is there every day.  This presentation will help you better manage your program to improve safety and reduce risk for your workers at height.



Presented By:

Cory Gaye, CSP, CHST, Corporate Safety Director, Wagman, Inc.

Mr. Gaye has 23 years safety experience in both heavy civil and general building construction. A 1996 graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s Safety Science bachelors program, he has also served in the volunteer fire/rescue/ems service since 1991, with 15 years active experience in roles as Firefighter, EMT, Rescue Technician, Lieutenant, Captain, and Training Officer.



Presented By:

Thom Kramer, PE, CSP, Managing Principal (and Chair of ANSI Z359 Fall Protection Standards Committee), LJB, Inc.

Mr. Kramer is a safety consultant and structural engineer with 24 years of experience. As a dually registered professional engineer and certified safety professional, he has spent much of his career consulting with clients to reduce risk for workers at heights.  He specializes in the assessment and design of fall protection systems, as well as fall protection program development.  Mr. Kramer is Chair of the ANSI Z359 Committee and chairs two subcommittees (ANSI Z359.1 and .17). He also serves as the president of the International Society for Fall Protection. He has given more than 150 technical sessions and workshops on the topic. For his contributions to the safety profession, he received the Edgar Monsanto Queeny Safety Professional of the Year award in 2016.



Presented By:

Dan Henn, VP of Operations, Reliance Fall Protection

Dan Henn is the Vice-President of Operations for Reliance Fall Protection in Deer Park, Texas. Dan first realized his fear of heights at the age of 17 when an Army drill instructor forced him to rappel off of an 80’ tower which looked like it was in imminent danger of collapse. His involvement in the fall protection industry was inevitable.

Since 2003, Dan has been manufacturing, developing and testing fall protection products. As a result of this experience, utilization of the Z359 code and interactions with end-user clients, Dan has developed a strong understanding of the fall protection subject matter and is committed to solving problems.

He has also been a member of the ANSI/ASSP Z359 ASC since 2011 and previously served as the Chairman of the ISEA Fall Protection Product Group. Dan is currently serving as the Vice-Chairman of the ANSI/ASSP Z359 Accredited Standards Committee and is also the Chairman of the Z359.14 Subgroup.

Dan studied history at the California State University at Fullerton and has since alienated himself from countless friends and colleagues as a result of unsolicited lectures on the Crusades and World Wars I and II.

In his free time, Dan will most likely be found exploring South Texas with other Harley-Davidson enthusiasts or transferring funds to his 23-year-old son, Spencer, of whom he is enormously proud.