Cyberbullying and Social Media Safety
Our Cyberbullying and Social Media Safety training is designed to provide an understanding of what constitutes cyberbullying as well as common methods used, to understand how to react to cyberbullying and know what corrective actions are available if it continues. In addition, we will provide online users with an understanding of what the dangers of using social media are, as well as ways to protect yourself from those dangers.


Presented By:

Todd Toth, Training Specialist, Bureau of Worker's Compensation

As a Training Specialist for the Health and Safety Division of the Bureau of Worker’s Compensation, Todd is responsible for developing and conducting a wide variety of educational safety related courses to the general public and various members of the Pennsylvania Workers’ Comp regulated community.

Todd is a twenty-five-year veteran of the U.S. Army where he served as a Test Pilot and a Safety Officer. During his military career Todd served in a myriad of positions including a staff assignment at the U.S Army Safety Center where he completed the U.S. Army Safety Officer Course. While assigned at the Safety Center, Todd also completed the Career Path 12 program earning the designation of Certified Safety and Health Official (CSHO) from the Texas A&M University system. He has also held positions as Lead Instructor for the mobile training team, Taskforce Safety Officer in Iraq, as well as a Safety Director in private industry.

Todd is a graduate of Delaware Valley University and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration as well as an MBA.

Presented By:

Dara DeRoiste, Training Specialist, Bureau of Worker's Compensation

Dara DeRoiste (De-ROW-shhh-tah) is a Training Specialist for the Department of Labor and Industry’s Bureau of Worker’s Compensation (BWC) in the Health and Safety Division.  Dara works on the development, evaluation and delivery of health and safety based educational courses.  These courses are available free of charge to members of the BWC’s regulated community within Pennsylvania, as well as to a global audience interested in industry leading safety training.  That’s all just his fancy, official way of saying that he gets folks all pumped up and excited to keep themselves and the people around them safe. 
Dara has 18+ years of experience in Human Resources, where he’s directed all areas of HR, including safety program operations.  He decided to focus on safety full time because a good safety program is a win for everyone. 

When he’s not engaged in safety activities professionally, he’s practicing a strong safety culture at home.  That means he makes sure that his son is being safe online and his girlfriend is being safe in the gym, kitchen, car and with curling irons.  Also, if you ever stumble upon him in the weight room, he’ll make sure you are working out safely, with a good warm up, proper stretching, correct form, a spotter and all available safety features in use.