The Role of the CAS: What is the OSHA Compliance Assistance Specialist and how can they help me?


How can a CAS help me?

The Compliance Assistance Specialists (CAS) in OSHA's Regional and Area Offices around the country provide outreach to a variety of groups free of charge. These groups include small businesses and other employers, trade and professional associations, union locals, and community and faith-based groups. The CAS can provide general information about OSHA's resources and how to best comply with OSHA standards. They are available for seminars, workshops, and speaking events. They also promote and help implement OSHA's coop
erative programs, including the Voluntary Protection Programs, the Strategic Partnership Program, and the Alliance Program.


Presented By:

Mark Harmon, Compliance Assistance Specialist (CAS), USDOL, OSHA

Mark F. Harmon is a graduate of Marshall University with a Master’s degree in Occupational Safety and Health. Mark started working for the Erie OSHA office in 1996 as a Compliance Safety and Health Officer (CSHO) and conducted over 600 inspections before becoming the Compliance Assistance Specialist (CAS) in 2010. As an OSHA Compliance Assistance Specialist, Mark is responsible for overseeing and managing all of the OSHA Strategic Partnerships, Alliances, and Voluntary Protection Program worksites within his office’s jurisdiction. Prior to working for OSHA, Mark worked as a licensed FAA aviation technician in Santa Barbara, California after serving in the US Air Force at Edwards AFB.

Presented By:

Jim Harrity , Compliance Assistance Specialist (CAS), USDOL, OSHA

Jim earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the Pennsylvania State University in 1983.  He began his Federal career at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard that same year. In 1994, he moved onto the US Army Corps of Engineers working for the Philadelphia District and later the New York District.  Jim started with OSHA in 2002 as an Assistant Area Director in the Philadelphia Area Office. Jim is currently the Compliance Assistance Specialist for the Philadelphia Area Office and he has over 25 years of experience in Occupational Safety and Health.