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When De-Escalation Fails

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De-escalating a conflict before it gets to a regrettable level is the goal of all reasonable interactions.  However not every disagreement will end with the aggressor(s) calmly walking away from the conflict. Being aware of the steps you can take to minimize the potential of a physical confrontation can make the difference between a heated argument, and a physical harm.  But, if de-escalation fails, are you prepared to respond?  During the second part of this presentation will explore some response options and provide attendees with some walk-away tools for dealing with an active assailant

Hoyt Emmons, Senior Consultant, Med-Tex Services, Inc
Presenter Biography

Hoyt Emmons has over 35 years of EHS/Security professional experiences include being the EHS Department Head at several companies ranging from start-up operations to billion-dollar multi-national corporations.  Hoyt has been successful in developing and implementing EHS/Security programs by bringing together and addressing the interdependent needs of key stakeholders including: the organization, the workforce, and the core values of sustainable safety.
Hoyt especially employs educating people about safety and security because he believes it enables each of us to better respond to the variables we face on a moment by moment basis.   In addition to being an American Red Cross CPR/AED/First Aid instructor, Hoyt is also an OTI (OSHA Training Institute) trainer for both General Industry and Construction topics, and is trained as an ALICE Active Shooter Response instructor.  Hoyt is certified in Handle With Care physical restraint techniques and was an assailant-role instructor for PREPARE/IMPACT Personal Safety in NY. 
Hoyt’s education includes a BS in Animal Husbandry, a MBA in Management, and a MS in Environmental (Occupational) Health. He is a member of the local and international AIHA, ASIS (American Society of Industrial Security) and ASSE where he has been on the Philadelphia Chapter Board for over 12 years.  

When not working Hoyt enjoys spending time with family in the outdoors or he is busy as a professional sheep shearer shearing over 2000 sheep each year.
Dennis F. Dougherty, Consultant, Med-Tex Services, Inc.  
Presenter Biography

Prior to joining Med-Tex Services, Inc., Dennis was a police officer for more than 20 years.  During his law enforcement career, Dennis served his community and department in various capacities including: Advanced-Senior Physical Skills Instructor (hand-to-hand combat), Forensic Accident Investigations, S.W.A.T. Team Leader and Instructor, Crisis Intervention Officer (Specializing in dealing with Mental Illness) and Domestic Violence Intervention Specialist.
Dennis has earned degrees in Emergency Management & Planning and, Criminal Justice in addition to 60 Emergency Services / Law Enforcement Certificates including the ALICE Training Institute (Active Shooter Instructor Certificate).