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25,000 Clients Can’t Be Wrong

About the Presentation

This presentation will provide an overview of how the free Federal OSHA Consultation has provided assistance to thousands of PA businesses since 1983. It will discuss the consultation process and numerous benefits derived by those businesses who have taken advantage of its free services since 1983.  

The Presenters
John M Mulroy, CSP, Instructor & PA OSHA Consultation Safety & Health Consultant
Presenter Biography

John Mulroy is a full-time instructor in the Safety Sciences department and a Safety & Health Consultant with the PA OSHA Consultation office at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He is a doctoral student, board-certified safety professional, received a BA in English and a BS in Safety Sciences from IUP, and received a master’s degree in environmental management from Duquesne University in 2005. John is a professional member of the American Society of Safety Engineers with over 20 years of environmental, safety, and health compliance experience working for Westinghouse Electric, Curtiss-Wright Flow Control, Edison Mission Energy, NRG Energy, and IUP’s OSHA Consultation office. His areas of specialty include occupational safety compliance, process safety, emergency response, construction safety, environmental compliance, and quality assurance engineering.