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Opioids in the Workplace

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The Opioid crisis isn’t just a social problem. Opioids in the work place is a serious safety concern. Find out what employers need to know about drug screening, noticing habits, legal ramifications, documentation and what to do if you have a medical emergency related to a drug overdose at work.


Carolyn (Beth) Helberg PA-C, Physician Assistant, WORKNET, Occupational Medicine

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Carolyn (Beth, please) Helberg, PA-C is a certified physician assistant who partners with WorkNet Occupational Medicine and workplaces to provide superior care for employees.  Practicing in both Occupational and Emergency Medicine, Carolyn firmly believes that excellent care for workers is in the best interests of both patients and employers. In addition to her passion for people and medicine, her interests include fiber arts, home improvement, culturing artisanal vegan cheeses and Tae Kwon Do, in which she holds a black belt.