Presentation Title
Just How competent is the onsite competent person on your Suspended Scaffold Project
About the Presentation
  • How Competent is the Onsite Competent Person on your Suspended Scaffolding project? 
  • Proper Rigging and Tieback for Roof Rigged Equipment
  • Load capacities and equipment options for difficult Access solutions
  • Pre-Planning for and having the proper equipment available for Assisted and Self-Rescue
The Presenters
Jim Dougherty, Industrial Access & Safety Specialist, Spider Systems Group, A Division of BrandSafway
Presenter Biography

Jim Dougherty is the Industrial Access and Safety Specialist focusing on Power Generation Projects for Spider, a Division of BrandSafway.  Spider is the premier provider of powered scaffolding and platform solutions for construction and industrial access applications.

Jim has 32 years experience in construction project and safety management, primarily in Refinery, Power Generation and Custom High Rise Building applications. 

Jim has been a Fire Fighter for the past 27 years.   His training and hands on experience has helped him to develop workable customized rescue solutions for both high angle and confined space rescue.

Prior to becoming the Industrial Access and Safety Specialist, Jim was the VP of the East Region with responsibility for all East Region Branches and Projects. 

Jim helped develop and taught Spider’s Competent Person Training Course for both Industrial and Commercial Applications.

Clint Ramberg , Director, Spider Systems Group, A Division of BrandSafway  
Presenter Biography

A 20 year scaffold industry veteran, Clint Ramberg has extensive experience with both supported and suspended scaffolding.  He has held operations, sales, profit leadership and senior management roles within the Brand/Safway organization with Brand Services and Spider.  He assisted in the development and instruction of the Spider Competent Person Training Program, Spiders Wind Access product line and many of Spiders high profile projects nationally.  Clint presents regularly for industrial and commercial trade associations and consults on specialized rigging and safety applications.

With experience in developing access and safety solutions in the power generation, refining, structural steel and commercial high rise markets, Clint has managed large outages and turnarounds as well as the design and installation of permanently installed façade maintenance equipment. 

In his current position Clint is the Director of the Spider Systems Group, which specializes in sales and execution of complex access and safety opportunities with all the Spider branches as well as the Brand/Safway locations.