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Creating a Drug Free Workplace

About the Presentation

In this session participants will learn about 1) the cost of substance abuse to society and in the workplace, 2) the benefits of creating a drug free workplace program in terms of return on investment (ROI), 3) an overview of the five components of a drug free workplace program, and 4) how to build your company’s drug free workplace policy using the free online policy builder at


Vicktor Parziale, Program Supervisor, Drug Free Workplace, PA

Presenter Biography

Victor Parziale is the Program Supervisor for Drug Free Workplace PA, a grant funded program of Gaudenzia Foundation. Drug Free Workplace PA was established to help Pennsylvania businesses setup drug free workplace programs and to educate all Pennsylvanians on the dangers of drug abuse.  Victor received his B.S. in Chemistry from U.C. Santa Barbara in 1977.  For more than twenty years Victor worked in research and technical sales.  In recent years, because of his desire to help others, Victor moved into an educational role, first as an Instructor at Lincoln University and then serving clients at Treatment Trends, a drug and alcohol therapeutic community.  Today he combines his background in chemistry, education, and treatment to inform both workplaces and the community at large about the hazards of substance abuse and the pathways to recovery.