Presentation Title

"We'll See"

About the Presentation

This session will give insight on addiction, crime, incarceration, recovery and how the labor movement transformed a young criminal mind into a mechanical mind though an apprenticeship which led to a successful union contractor.

The Presenters
Michael R. McSorely, Writer and retired member of Local 19 Sheet Metal Workers
Presenter Biography

Michael R. McSorley grew up in the suburb of Philadelphia.  After a personal struggle with addiction, crime and multiple incarcerations he analyzed what led him to the path of self-destruction.  He wrote his memories in his book called We’ll See. He is in recovery for alcohol and heroin.  He was certified for the Criminal Justice System to assist inmates and their family members who were afflicted by drug, alcohol, abuse and crime.  He received his Criminal Justice Chaplaincy and was Director of a prison ministry.  He pastored at Restoration City, a church focused on spirituality and recovery.  He served an apprenticeship for Local 19 Sheet Metal Workers and was a union contractor for 17 years.