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Physical Readiness Coach Train the Trainer
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The Physical Readiness System (PRS) Coach Train the Trainer is designed to equip participants with proven coaching techniques and tools to introduce Physical Readiness and flexibility to your organization. The Physical Readiness System (PRS) is a core stability, balance, and flexibility routine conducted daily in the workplace to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries, increase productivity, enhance efficiency, and improve morale. The PRS has touched millions of American workers to start their workday like a professional athlete by getting mentally and physically prepared. This will educate, motivate and inspire all participants to become proactive in their own personal health and wellbeing and walk away with a solution to help their most valuable assets- their employees (team members) in the workplace.

Mark Everest, President and CEO, Occupational Athletics, Inc.
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Mark A. Everest is President and CEO of Occupational Athletics, Inc. (OAI), a Pennsylvania- based company specializing in injury, accident, and illness prevention. Mark is the creator of the Human Maintenance System® (HMS), and Physical Readiness System (PRS), which has engaged over a million workers. Mark is the author of The Gameplan for Aging as well as co-author of the Occupational, Road, Bus, EMS and Hunter Athlete Interactive Health and Safety Systems. He can be heard weekly as a regular on The Dave Nemo Show, Sirius XM 146 – Road Dog Channel. Mark is a gifted speaker and has touched and motivated thousands of people with his engagement seminars.