Presentation Title
"Safety's WILD Thing"
About the Presentation

We are all looking for even better safety results and an improve safety culture. We spend a lot of time looking outside our own people, safety team and even outside our own company. Yet, as St. Louis Cardinal’s Hall of Fame player Lou Brock once explained winning teams don’t look outside  to find a secret, they simply harness the power of the team’s WILD side. 

W - -Willing to Talk/Communicate. The old wise quote from an
anonymous author says, “An excuse is just a reason packaged with a
lie.” We need to stop making excuses and start talking.
I - - Identify the Plan. “Men in the game are blind to what men looking
on see clearly,” a wise Chinese proverb reads. Without a clear plan, we
are blind to habits…and hazards.
L - Lively energy. “In order to have burned out, you had to first have
been on fire!” Anonymous. We need energy to keep safety, and our
lives, on track.
D - -- Determined to make a our own way! “There is no
passion to be found by playing small and settling for a life that is less
than the one you are capable of living.” Nelson Mandela. Each person
must bring his/her best to the team, in his/her own way.


The Presenters
Matt Forck, CSP & JLW, Safestrat
Presenter Biography

Matt Forck, CSP & JLW, directs SafeStrat, a safety keynote and consulting services organization. Matt is one of only a handful of individuals to earn both the Certified Safety Professional (CSP) designation and journey status in the hazardous field of distribution electrical line work. In addition, Matt has served as a manager in a corporate leadership team. This team encompassed the top 2.5% of a 3,800-member organization. It is through Matt’s unique and diverse work experience that he is able to engage and net results throughout an organization; from those that get their hands dirty to top-level leadership-and everyone in-between. Learn more about Matt at,