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Safety Beyond PPE
About the Presentation

Kina has dedicated her life to sharing the importance of workplace safety, and educating employees and employers about safety responsibility.  Every moment of every day she is reminded there are significant, life-changing consequences when safety is not a priority.  In just a matter of minutes, her life dramatically changed, as did the lives of her co-workers, family and friends.  Kina is here today to share her story. A lot of people can benefit from Kina's presentation. The new hire, young workers, management, employees of any kind. This isn't a story that pertains to just one type of person- somewhere there is a message for you. Kina will plant the seeds, you then, must make them grow. It's safety from the heart with meaningful content worthy of your time.

Kina Repp, BA/ED, Safety Done Right
Presenter Biography

Kina Repp has been traveling the United States sharing her story for the past four years.

Kina’s story is tragic, insightful, compelling and powerfully motivating.  She uses her experience to raise awareness about workplace hazards and the importance of making safe choices.  Kina speaks to Fortune 500 companies, manufacturing companies, workforces, organizations and conferences about the importance of safety procedures.  Through poignancy and humor, Kina’s message impacts, resonates and inspires people to consider safety as a personal and corporate responsibility.

Kina has a Bachelor Degree in Education. She is a second-degree black belt, and has competed in 13 marathons.  She is an avid scuba diver, snow skier and wake boarder.  She was honored in the 2002 Winter Olympic Games as an Olympic Torch Runner.